The Sweetwaters at home experience

Capturing the feeling of being at Sweetwaters was essential when we developed our Sweet to your Door subscription boxes. The signage, information, and friendly faces stood out to the customers we asked, and that’s what we ended up delivering! Custom bags, boxes, and info sheets were designed and printed, ready to be shipped to anyone looking to have their favorite coffee at home.


Changing it up

Refreshing but familiar, we wanted something fun to shake it up a little in our stores. We kept the branding of course, but we introduced illustrations and other fun touches to some of our new materials.



This was my first hands-on experience with a brand, and it stressed me out in the beginning. I thought there was an element of perfection I was chasing and an elusive definition of what the brand “was” that I could never define. There are standards of course, but I quickly realized a brand is not as rigid as I thought, there was a lot of room to try different ideas and there was more play to it than what I expected.

One of the earliest projects I took on was the development of a monthly newsletter, something that was responsive and fit modern web standards, while also enabling us to use the glamour shots we were known for. It seemed simple enough at first but the old way, formatting text in a photoshop document and sending out large images, was not sustainable. This was an opportunity to refresh part of the brand and define something we hadn’t seen before, and it quickly opened me up to a new world of possibilities within the brand.

The email on the right was what we ended up delivering. We saw an increase in engagement and got some nice responses from folks who have been on our mailing list for a few years, and it was nice to hear from them for the first time.

From that point on, I wasn’t afraid of trying new things and “messing” it up. We were expanding at the time, in both our web presence and retail locations. Sweetwaters was going national and there was a demand for new signage and products that we could deliver to franchisees, which gave me a lot of opportunities to discover what worked for our brand. I had a lot of fun adapting the guidelines to new territories we hadn’t accounted for in the beginning.