Cloud Cannabis

ROLE: 3D and Motion Design Lead

AGENCY: Qonkur Media

YEAR: 2020 - 2021


Cannabis is hard to break into for the curious. Our intent was to be your neighborhood dealer, but for the adults who were never "with it." Since legality and access were finally out of the way, information and knowledge quickly rooted itself as the biggest hurdle, which meant we needed to become the friendly authority in marijuana. How much should a fit 45 year old dad take? Three joints? Six edibles? One of those dab things?

Those are questions Cloud could only answer if they even came through their front door in the first place. We developed a branding system that revolved around easy access to information, and graphics firmly planted into the everyday, just to celebrate ones own pace.


Gentle gradation was applied to give it an airier motion.

There was no pushing when it came to Cloud, it was always a gentle nudge that guided you in the right direction. An animation that was light while still projecting a sense of authority was my primary goal in crafting the motion for this one.


The enlightened Ann Arbor crowd was no slouch, being America's most educated city, proudly home to the University of Michigan. Despite this, there were many gaps in information in part due to weed science and stoner tips that were anecdotal at best, dangerous at worst. We wanted to put a face to what we provided to the community, a safe and enjoyable cannabis experience. We highlighted Clouds local and knowledgeable budtenders and crafted informational guides on topics such as, "How to Dab" and "What is THCA?" It's important that people feel confident when they leave the store with their goods, because one bad experience can put someone off for life.


A simple reminder in the spirit of giving, cloud ornaments.

THCA is a product you'll find in a lot of dispensaries, we're here to show what it is and how it's made.

College towns love their football.

New Years can be celebrated at home, take that COVID-19.

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