Platinum Vape

ROLE: 3D and Motion Design Lead

AGENCY: Qonkur Media

YEAR: 2020 - 2021


We took the boring, dreadful, "We're trying to appeal to everyone" approach to branding and dialed it up to "We are the life of the party." The controversial couple, the one wearing sequined pants, or the one who lost their pants, those people can be you.

New Years for Platinum Vape was a little outrageous.

Defining a crowd sounds easy, and probably pretty obvious until you start trying to come up with the right words to communicate it. Glossy and bright were the ones we had in mind when we made new content. Every shot needed to look like a page straight out of a magazine, and every short ran at its own pace, carving its own spot in the world.


Platinum came to us with their logo and our top priority was finding a way to work it into the media we had planned without letting it fall to the wayside. We knew how important the logo was given that it's embossed with platinum foil on their packaging, and repeated with UV gloss all around their boxes.

The motion was drawn out just a bit longer than usual so it could command its own space in the videos we used it in.

The light show we designed alludes to Platinum's brand colors and products coming together into one cohesive identity. It's the Platinum Stamp of Approval that we stick on all our motion projects.


We can't claim that simply using Platinum's products will instill you with a fashionable attitude, but what it will cop you is a fashionable alternative to the relatable parts of every day life. Taking care of your beloved but grumpy dog, or falling madly in love with the one you were destined to be with for instance, were inevitable facets of peoples lives we wanted to add glitz to.

People should stay true to themselves, but there's no shame in adding a little flair to spice things up.


A sleigh containing Platinum Vape goodies

"Love is better in Platinum" campaign

For the dogs out there, we have calming CBD treats!

There's a cart doing the worm in this one.

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